The Most Obvious Question

At the risk of posing the beyond-obvious question, how in hell can we be continuing to move forward toward an inauguration? How is there not somewhere, buried deep in some article of the Constitution, a provision to pull the emergency brake cord on what’s become a political crazy train racing toward derailment and an horrific, Republic-ending catastrophe? As Matt Taibbi outlines in the good (and abundantly fair to the Trump team) article below, we’re looking at two stark, fate-of-the-nation alternatives that would seem to be grave enough that we stop everything down and throw the entire weight of the government behind a transparent bi-partisan multi-agency probe into determining which of two unprecedented scenarios has taken place. Donald Trump has either been the victim of a partisan and libelous dirty trick that is the equal of any in U.S. political history, or Donald Trump is guilty of treason and/or a hostage of Russian blackmail leverage. One of those two is true, and it’s not overstating it to say that the future of America rests on our determining which one, and fast.

I’m a progressive, and as such am as furious and alarmed at Trump’s incompetence, instability, and disregard for democracy as the surliest poster at Occupy Democrats or Daily Koz. But if the left (or never-Trump right) is party to a libelous plot to cripple Trump, it’s an action as low as any from Trump’s team, and opens Pandora’s box to future political nihilism beyond Nixon, Lee Atwater or Roy Cohn’s wildest dreams. Anyone left, center or right wanting to avoid that outcome would want the truth brought to light, and the architects punished to the max. However, if the alternative is true, we’re 8 days from going beyond the most extreme cold-war spy novel plot by literally installing a Russia operative as our President.

With those two as the only possibilities, how can we NOT find some method between the SCOTUS, Justice Department and/or somehow-shamed-to-decency Congress to hit Full Stop for 4–6 weeks to potentially save the Republic? Obviously, this sounds unheard-of and crazy. But is it as crazy as going forward with these two options looming over us?