AngularJS ng-switch-when expression


I’m trying to put together a sort of tabbed menu using ng-switch.

I set the tabs in my Ctrl (streams) and keep track of the currently selected one as selection:

app.controller("StreamCtrl", function($scope) {
$scope.streams = [{
title: 'latest',
icon: 'time',
data: "Hi, I'm data."
}, {
title: 'popular',
icon: 'fire',
data: "Hi, I'm data too!"

$scope.selection = $scope.streams[0];

$scope.getCurrentStreamIndex = function(){
// Get the index of the current stream given selection
return $scope.streams.indexOf($scope.selection);

// Go to a defined stream index
$scope.goToStream = function(index) {
if($scope.streams[index]) {
$scope.selection = $scope.streams[index];

And in my view (index.html), I use ng-repeat to create a container for each tab:

<section class="streams" ng-controller="StreamCtrl" ng-switch="stream.title == selection.title">
<section class="stream" ng-switch-when="true" ng-repeat="stream in streams">
<div class="loaderContainer"><div class="loader"></div></div>

The problem I run in to is with my ng-switch-when statement, because it won’t accept an expression.

If I could set ng-switch-when="{{stream.title}}" then I believe I could use ng-switch="selection.title" and all would be fine.

How would I structure an ng-switch expression though to match a dynamically generated list?

Problem courtesy of: Lucas Raines


Ok, check out this out, I think it should give you enough to keep going:

New html:

<div ng-controller="StreamCtrl">
<section class="streams" ng-repeat="stream in streams">
<section class="stream">
<div class="loaderContainer" ng-show="stream == selection"><div class="loader">SELECTED</div>

Solution courtesy of: Jonah

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