How to introduce AngularJS into an existing app that uses Backbone & JQuery?


I am building an application using jQuery and Backbone and I am finding myself writing a lot of boilerplate code over and over again. I have been looking into AngularJS and it is a much better fit for my application than backbone and jQuery. I would like to introduce Angular on a few pages and gradually convert from Backbone to Angular provided I don’t run into problems with Angular.

Is it possible to use AngularJS on a page that also uses Backbone & JQuery?

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The short answer, I believe, is ‘YES’. Angular does have an inline template construct that should help you gradually migrate from backbone and once you are ready, you can move those inlines into external partials. Which, IMHO, will be a big plus for readability/maintainability. Angular also has a mechanism for associating an app (module) with only a subset of your page (a div element). I’ve used this technique with .NET apps. I have done some backbone dev, and am pretty sure you can make the 2 coexist.

Solution courtesy of: Dan Doyon

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