Possible to use AngularUI jQuery PassThrough for the WayPoints plugin?


I was going to try and write a directive for this jQuery WayPoints plugin http://imakewebthings.com/jquery-waypoints/#documentation

But then discovered AngularUI with jQuery Passthrough which claims to support 75% of jQuery plugins. http://angular-ui.github.com/

Can someone please write an example of how I could use this jQuery WayPoints plugin in my AngularJS app?

Problem courtesy of: Steve


Here is a fiddle that appears to work using the AngularUI jQuery Passthrough with Waypoints. The main things to note are:

1) Include the angular-ui.js script (which is a pretty awesome AngularJS companion!)

2) Add ['ui'] in the requires parameter when registering the module

angular.module('waypoints', ['ui']);

3) Add a function in your controller that you want to call when the waypoint is hit

function WaypointsController($scope) {
$scope.test = function(){
alert('you have scrolled');

4) Set up the ui-jq directive passing the function into the ui-options

<div ui-jq="waypoint" ui-options="test">

Solution courtesy of: Gloopy

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