A Conference about the Future of JavaScript and the Web

It’s the perfect conference retreat for your team this summer

In the past, we’ve had talks on topics focused just on Angular. In this edition we extended to all about JavaScript and the Web. We love: Open Web, Open Source and open communities.

_Our story

AngularCamp emerged from the launch of the AngularBeers meetup on April 2015 (currently with over 2790 members), focused on creating a safe environment to talk and share people experiences and ideas. We offer to the community recorded meetups and live-streaming for free. Helping the members to overcome their fears and bring them together. You can read more about our story here.

_The Conference

If you’ve been to AngularCamp, you know that you’re in for some of the most thought-provoking and inspirational days of your professional year. And if you haven’t been yet, join us!

AngularCamp is focused on bringing together JavaScript developers and the businesses that make these technologies thrive in the digital age. You’ll meet contributors, core team members of different frameworks and tools, technical experts who drive the code and growth of various JavaScript projects.

AngularCamp 2018 will be happening in Barcelona, Catalonia from July 19th-20th. We’ve got a brand new venue with auditorium, Auditori Axa. In addition to the conference itself, we will have workshops on July 18 and auxiliary activities (we will announce it soon!) to round out your AngularCamp 2018 experience.

_Our Manifesto:

The heart of AngularCamp is the people

📢 We ensure everyone gets treated with respect
🌈 We value diversity and community
🎟 Reasonably priced tickets
🎤 Curated list of great talks — no commercial talks
🎥 We record and publish all talks for free
🏛 Amazing and comfortable auditorium
🛤 Single track
🏖 Loads of fun!

_Why attend

If you are looking to grow your career as a developer, this is a must attend conference for you:

We assemble a group of speakers from the community to discuss about the future of Javascript and the Web. We spend a lot of time choosing not only the best speakers by their skills, but also we strive to bring together a diverse group of speakers. You’ll learn about latest trends, meet core team members of different frameworks, tools and more.

AngularCamp 2018 is a handcrafted independent JavaScript event for the community by the community that attracts many people on their career path from students to maintainers to community members to vendors and more.

It’s organised by a small team who want to make an impact in the JavaScript community providing the best conference experience in Barcelona.


AngularCamp 2018 is four months away and we’re excited to open ticket sales with reduced priced tickets. It’s the best chance to get your conference ticket, you will have the option afterwards to get the workshop ticket always at the lowest price. 100% guaranteed. Get your ticket here