When should you upgrade your #Angular 1 app to Angular 2?  #angularjs #webdev
  • If you have an Angular 1 app that meets all your user requirements you probably don’t need to worry about upgrading/migrating or running a hybrid app.
  • While not everyone agrees that running a hybrid app is a good idea, Victor Savkin thinks this is just fine.
  • One of the larger Angular apps we’re working on is currently running as a hybrid app, with a mix of Angular 1 and Angular 2 components and services.
  • It saves you development time — you don’t have to spend the time required to migrate the entire app, just add the Angular 2 components you want and they’ll run side by side with the Angular 1 components.
  • But if you’re looking to add new features you might just want to migrate one step at a time, and run a hybrid app.

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