Stranger in the Night

It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was returning home from work. After getting off from the metro, I opened my umbrella and started walking home. Normally the journey only takes me 10 minutes but I calculated it would take me an extra 5 minutes due to the rain.

The road I was walking on was desolated, which was no surprise to me. No good man in their right mind would be out at night in this weather, well except for me but I am used to working late at the office. I kept on walking silently, engrossed in my thoughts, only the sound of the rain and my footsteps splashing in the puddles resonating in the stormy night. When I was just 5 blocks away from home, I heard another pair of footsteps splattering in the rain. Captivated by fear of meeting a nocturnal beast or an unfriendly stranger, I started scurrying towards my house. Too scared to confront the unknown, I glanced back as I was hurrying to see a dark outline of a stout figure. My fears doubled and so did my pace. When I was just 1 block away from home, I pulled out my keys from my pocket but due to my fickleness I dropped them into a nearby drain.

Looking back, I saw that the stranger had almost caught up to me. With no access to my refuge, I decided to confront this lurking figure once and for all. With my umbrella as my sword and my briefcase as my shield, I prepared for battle. However, upon encountering the stranger, I realized that the figure was none other than Mrs.Pinkerton, the neighborhood girls scout troop leader. I jolted her awake from her enchantment and she gave me an apology and explanation that she had been having some sleep-walking problems lately. I explained to her my predicament about they lost keys and Mrs.Pinkerton being Mrs.Pinkerton, offered me a warm cocoa and bed for the night until we could call the plumber to fish my keys out of the sewer.