The saying “A picture can speak a thousand words” is true. This picture speaks out to me. Here is my PERSONAL OPINION ON THIS PHOTO:

You can see 2 types of people here:1.Realistic People and 2.Idealistic people

  1. Realistic people: These people have a strong grip on what’s real and have unveiled the ‘jolly’ facade* of the world. They understand how the world works, they understand the true horror of the world, and are ready to act and adapt according to this atrocious world. They have decided to embrace the real world and forget their illusions of their earlier cheerful world. They have achieved this knowledge primarily through reading books, which can be seen in the photo. This can be a direct implication of the point that Realistic people ARE MORE AWARE (in a general sense) than idealistic people.
  2. Idealistic people: These people are still under the facade* of the happy jolly world. They believe that in the end, everything will turn out to be alright and there will be a happy ending.

As this is my own opinion piece, I will say without hesitation that I find idealistic people annoying. I believe that I am a realistic person, and it irritates me how people are are so unaware and are ignorant of the facade (YES I KNOW I HAVE USED THAT WORD A LOTTT BUT I LIKE IT) of this world that they are living in. They seem to be oblivious to the real atrocities and horrors of the world. I think the stem of my disdain for idealistic people grew from the seed of jealousy I have from the idealistic people. I am jealous of the idealistic people as they have such a positive outlook towards life, and I wonder how anyone can be so oblivious and unaware of the gruesome world outside their happy, jolly and cheerful lives. Me watching and reading about stuff that has a dark aesthetic has led me to believe that the world is cruel. One striking thing about idealistic people is that even if they are wrapped up in their own petty worlds unaware of the semblance of the world, they still make it out happy in their lives. Everything turns out to be alright for them in the end, and that is the power of belief. Still, this is not quite so often, and idealism has so many of its flaws that a realistic approach towards the world would look like a better choice.

I believe that this can be looked upon as a battle between the Brain and the Heart. The brain, the logical entity, is on the realistic side. The heart, the emotional entity, is on the idealistic side. The heart wants what the heart wants, and that is too be happy, to be free from the charade of the world. The brain, however, doesn’t support this; It can’t take on the fact that you decide to remain under the facade of the world (If you choose to be idealistic even when knowing the immorality of the real world, your brain and heart will be conflict).

This, however, was my opinion on realistic and idealistic people. You can disagree with it, as this is solely my opinion.

Written by the most edgy kid on the Internet