Baby, It Will Be Cold Outside

All those who live in New York will be probably cursing my name, seeing the title of this post, as the weather is truly summer-like, defying any seasonal weather logic. Blame the Polish side of me but I like to be prepared for the cold. I do not know about you, but when the aura is changing outside, I like to adjust my interiors to the temperature of my winter mood.

As I try more and more to pay attention and appreciate the hand-made, the recycled, the high quality materials, local arts and crafts and pure fun spirit of small-scale fashion designers and online boutiques, this post aims to inspire, amaze and tempt you with the soft, cozy, warm and mostly hand-made items (Some of them Etsy — based). I am especially crazy about the chunky blanket that I spotted on the Instagram account of one of my favorite Australian interior design companies. To my surprise, the gigantic blankets are handmade from Australian wool in Ukraine. Cheers to the power of internet!

Nothing changes the look of the room as quickly as decorative pillows and what is better in recreating the spirit of the mountain chalet than fur and wool. From warm socks, wool clutch to a statement sweatshirt (“I am freaking cold”.), I hope my inspirations will keep you warm and equip you well for the approaching days of cold.

Let me know how are you preparing your apartments and closets for the change of weather and stay warm!

Sheep Pillow, Justplainfolk

Chunky Slipper Socks, Accessorize

Sheep Clutch, Primecut

Fur Pillow, Northwest Decor + Chunky Blanket, OHHIO

Sweatshirt, Thug Life

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