Color of the Year 2016 — Rose Quartz & Serenity

2016 Pantone’s choice of colors of the year: pink quartz and blue serenity made me really happy for several reasons. It is the first time the winning combination of two shades have been introduced. In the times of gender equality, blurring lines between the traditional meaning of “he” and “she”, the fashion world is officially ready to embrace the fascinating and liberating choices of colors, disregarding the fact of what is appropriate for women and men only. Those colors bring certain tranquility to modern stressful world we are a part of. They are soothingly contradictory; with rose representing warmer spectrum of color wheel, compassion, composure, wellness and restored sense of order; while serenity bringing associations of the clearest summer sky, relaxation, reassurance, sense of trust and security.

Part of my image consulting education was color theory, fascinating science of discovering how color impacts human psychology; how colors that we wear can make us send a specific message, what colors can make particular complexion glow, the eyes stand out, make you look younger, vibrant, etc. Color is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to construction of your personal style and looking your best. I remember it was few years ago and when I was asked what was my favorite color, I answered: rose. The person who asked the question was perplexed and said: You mean pink? No, I mean dusty rose, the distinct combination of pink and grey, super light pink which reminds you of fading roses with a bit of nostalgia to them, the unclear shade of pink which migrates towards the coldest version of its original hue. That was one of my personal reasons to be super content with Pantone’s colors selection for 2016.

The other reason was the fact that “rose” proved to be my lucky charm in last few years years. Colors are pure magic, when we finally discover what works with our skin tone, which is a path of trial and error, unless you can afford a color analysis from a real professional, then mysterious things happen. To prove my point, last winter I had a job interview, which was extremely stressful, I knew that I was meeting with a celebrity stylist starting her own company. It was a dreary February day and I actually had no idea how to leave a memorable impression with someone who knows the tricks of the trade inside out. Last moment, against the gloominess of the aura outside my window, I went out dressed in super light pink winter coat and that, hopefully not only, made me stay ahead of the numerable crowd of applicants. I could not accept the job for various reasons but I stayed in touch with the company’s owners since then and a tiny part of that is probably because of that coat, which was complimented few times during the interview.:)

The other “rose” tinted story took place in Los Angeles. I made reservations for garden dining at the legendary Chateau Marmont, actually first time in my life. I was beyond excited, still having memories of it from Sofia Coppola’s movie Somewhere. My friend and flew to the West Coast from NYC and had only one hour to get ready for the dreamy dinner. The hotel was, like everything in LA, within “short” driving distance, that depending on traffic load could turn into a much longer experience. It took my lovely friend forever to get ready while I was nervously making rounds in my super classy rose Grace Kelly-inspired dress that was especially purchased for the occasion. When we finally reached our destination, we were 1h late, which is million light years when it comes to Friday dinner reservations at the Chateau Marmont. I was almost on the verge of tears and beyond angry with my friend and then the manager came out and said to me: “This is such an amazing dress, very New York style, you ladies deserve a special treatment.”, so we ended up at a perfect indoor table treated like royalties from the East Coast. How not to believe in the magic of colors?

Let me know what you think of Pantone’s colors of the year? Please share stories of your favorite colors and luck they brought you!!! Stay warm!!!

Turtleneck, J.Crew; Pink Suede Sneakers, Puma; Boyfriend Jeans, M.i.h Jeans

P.S. My “Rose and Serenity” collages were inspired by the amazing fashion illustrators: Anna Halarewicz and Lovisa Burfitt. Color inspiration could never be the same without the amazing designs of bathroom fittings of Sarah Trotter for Groupwork.

As I always like supporting emerging designers, this time I encourage you to check one of my favorite websites Young British Designers, amazing source of inspiration, thanks to which I found beautiful knitwear from J.Won .

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