Secret Bookstores of New York

Today a short recap from one of my weekend trips around NY neighborhoods. Everyone who reads this blog knows that I am a big fan of small, charming coffee shops and independent bookstores. Therefore, it is time to share some of my hidden secrets and discover New York neighborhoods which are a bit outside of forever trendy Manhattan, Williamsburg or Park Slope range.

If you take L train into direction of Brooklyn, a bit further than usual, get off at the Myrtle-Wycoff stop. You will be presently surprised with this tiny bookstore/coffee shop gem, Topos Bookstore. One of the owners used to work at a New York book lover’s beloved institution — St. Mark’s Bookstore, which gives a lot of hints about how diverse, intellectually quirky the book selection is. This is the place to find books that you have never heard about, or to boast to your Hipster friends that the book you found there is something they should really read next. It really helps that you can get delicious coffee, various teas and baked goods and just enjoy sitting, reading, writing and listening to the very interesting conversations some of the customers have with the bookstore’s manager.

The big thing is there is no internet there! However, surprised as I was, it is very often quite a delight to just read, write and enjoy your coffee without over-surfing the never ending depths of the world wide web. (If you need the internet desperately, there is a perfect coffee shop to work from, just few blocks away, Milk & Pull.)

This place is really worth a subway trip!

TOPOS BOOKSTORE 788 Woodward Avenue

Ridgewood, NY

Let me know what are your favorite weekend coffee-shops and independent bookstores! Let’s support the local communities and small businesses!

Topos Bookstore

Topos Bookstore

Books of the Month — Topos Bookstore

Never enough of Sylvia Plath’s focused books, Topos Bookstore

How about a cat clock?

Topos Bookstore — perfect for creative brainstorming

Books on all subjects, in many languages, a lot of amazing finds — Topos Bookstore

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