Step up Your Pajama Game — How to Look Great in Lounge Wear?

Lets step into Pajama Game by Stylecharmer Clockwise from the top: Navy Satin Pajamas, Malabar Bay; Tanya Gown, Agent Provocateur; Pajama Pant, Alessandra Mackenzie; Bardot Short PJ, Journelle; Lace Pajama Set, Topshop; Stella McCartney Shorts; Camisole, Stella McCartney; Pajama Shorts, Bodas; Turkish Cotton Robe, Ahalife

My summer this year resembles a permanent staycation. I know, it’s New York but believe me when the temperature reaches 94 °F, people who live here become prisoners of their fully air conditioned offices, apartments, coffee shops and movie theaters. Parks and all the outdoor spaces are deserted from noon to late afternoon. This weather made me think about what to wear during the weekend when I have an urgent assignment and have to stay at home most of the day or just when it’s too hot outside and I want to feel comfortable but not be accused of “just out of the bed look”.

I am not a big fan of flannel pajama pants being worn out on the street to get your first boost of caffeine in the morning. (I have seen that so many times on the streets of Brooklyn but somehow pink flying pigs or angry looking kittens on anybody over the age of 17 is not appealing in any form to me.) On the other hand, lounge wear big Hollywood style, like Catherine Hepburn was sporting in forever funny “Bringing Up Baby” would not motivate me to get focused on things that need to be done. Fortunately, for all of us women, we are living in times when pajamas, sleepwear or any lounge wear is functional, body flattering, ultra feminine or very unisex, depending on your preference. There is so much to choose from.

I am a big fan of Turkish robes and not only during my beach vacation. They are usually made of high quality, moisture absorbing light cotton, which is just great when the weather is sweaty and humid. I love pajama shorts and pajama pants. For super feminine, luxurious silky pajama pants check Alessandra Mackenzie’s lounge wear collection. It is super elegant and so modern but also brings back memories of grandeur of Great Gatsby’s parties. Stella McCartney never fails to equip the modern girl with comfortable and super fashionable looks, even in sleepwear department. Some time ago, I discovered Tink and Tiger, Charleston based company With their off-the clock essentials from leisure wear to pajamas with modern twist, you can get things done without leaving the house and still look stylish and comfortable.

Let me know what are your favorite, stay at home lounge wear items and I hope your Summer is going great!

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