Here are some beautiful shots taken with the new Pixels

While reading my daily dose of tech news yesterday, I stumbled upon this post from Android Authority. Google spent a lot of time during their event last week talking up the 12.3MP f/2.0 camera on the back of their Pixel phones (highest score ever on DxOMark’s rankings, it seems). I’m looking forward to seeing what the Pixels’ cameras are capable of and if these photos that Google released are any indication, we are in for a treat.

“Some of the shots are truly spectacular and all of them look more like the product a good DSLR, rather than a smartphone. The score of 89 — the highest ever — that the Pixels got in DxOMark’s ranking seems entirely deserved.”

Of course, as the post goes on to mention, these photos have come from the hands (and phones) of professional photographers with some editing thrown in. But still, going through this gallery (you can view the entire album here), I’m quite excited. The smartphone camera wars have been a two-horse race so far, with Apple and Samsung going neck-to-neck. A third competitor in the form of the Pixel phones would be great for customers all around. The smartphone camera is the one we have on us the whole time, so, it is really heartening to see Google give it its due with the Pixels. Throw in the unlimited photo storage on Google Photos and the promise of ‘Google’s Android’ on these smartphones, Google might have a winner on their hands — if they figure out how to get these phones into the hands of the general populous, that is (Verizon and their online store aren’t going to do it).

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Originally published at on October 10, 2016.

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