Musings Of The Random Kind #2

Another week, another 10,080 minutes of musings. A couple of pretty big developments transpired last week and these promise to bring substantial change to life as I know it for the next few weeks at least.

Me, after 4 weeks of Pokemon Go.

I got cured of my PokéMania, for better or worse. After 4 weeks of catching every Pokémon who reared its head on the screen of my phone, getting home late everyday because I took the longer route to hit a few more PokéStops with lure modules and dusting the cobwebs off my brain to calculate the scenario that’d earn me the maximum XP when I used a lucky egg, the moment that my life over the last month had built to, arrived. The moment when I’d be rewarded for braving the rains and causing never seen before wear and tear to my shoes. I activated a lucky egg and evolved 50 Pokémon, moving from level 13 to level 16 in the process. Those 30 minutes were the most frantic of my time playing Pokémon Go and the feeling of victory, of satisfaction and of pure pride.. well, it was much less than I had imagined. I had grinded my way to finishing half of the game (catching half of the Pokémon out there, getting to level 20, whatever you consider to be half of the game) and it got pretty tiring after that. The thrill of a new experience gave way to frustration of only darned Doduos, Ratatas and Zubats showing up everywhere I went and even they escaping the Pokéballs I threw at them. The game hasn’t been deleted from my phone yet; it sits on my homescreen, awaiting the day when Niantic issues an update and makes it more interesting to play (Duels with friends, maybe. Battling wild Pokemon before capturing them, double maybe).

Reliving those days..

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is out! The boy who lived (and made the lives of a generation magical) is back! I wasn’t that interested in the play or the book (script for the two parts, collated) when it was announced and postponed getting it till the day it got released. But, somehow, on Harry’s birthday (31st July), I woke up with this feeling that I used to have while reading the first seven books of Harry’s saga; one of pure wonder and excitement. I have been struggling to read books lately (I blame the 50 blogs that I subscribe too and also having to read non fiction because I’m a grown up now!) but all of that changed the moment I read the first few words of HPATCC. Suddenly, I was a 13 year old again, wide-eyed and amazed, completely sucked into the world of wizards and witches, tagging along on the (mis)adventures of Harry and now his son, Albus Severus. I have read part one of the book and can’t wait to publish this article and dig into part two.

My Apple Watch rewarded me with the ‘perfect month’ medal for achieving my activity goals everyday of July.. Yayy! Onto achieving 100 days of goal-achievement now!

Xiaomi is at it again.. ‘It’ being aping Apple.

Xiaomi released its Notebook Air (no prizes for guessing what it is competing with!). A windows laptop in a frame smaller than Macbook Air, though not that interesting for me, should surely catch the attention of buyers who swoon over Apple’s hardware but don’t want to let go of Windows or buttloads of their cash. That said, the 51k price tag for the 13.3 incher (if you convert it’s price in China to INR) might still be a bit higher than Xiaomi’s target market is used to shelling out, assuming that the Notebook Air comes to India.


I’m not sure what Blackberry is trying to do here. I understand wanting to try and attract the business crowd with a Android phone which is more secure than the rest but what were they thinking re-packaging last year’s Alcatel Idol 4 and try to sell that? And they are calling it ‘DTEK50’.. Wha?!

Apple pulled a rabbit out of their hat by exceeding its revenue estimates, not by much, though. Revenues from the iPad line went up, owing to the higher prices of the the ‘Pro’ versions. Good signs for times to come. And, they surpassed the 1 billion iPhones sold milestone. And, they are on their way to open their development center in Bangalore. And, like our dads, Tim Cook calls them Poke’MAN’s!

I’ve been hearing a lot about Prisma lately. But haven’t taken it for a spin yet. I guess it is time to do so. The amount of time that people have reported it takes the app to process photos kills the mood, though.

Read this awesome post about useful widgets for macOS devices over at iMore. Installed DeskConnect to transfer my clipboard, links and documents between my iOS devices and Macbook. iCloud exists, I know. Pushbullet exists, I know. But, somehow, by focusing on the ability of sharing content only to specific devices and sitting right there, in the dock, without having to open a website or folder, makes DeskConnect a much better alternative for me.

It seems that that App Store is about to get a big design overhaul. About time, I think. These days, dicovering a useful app has become nigh impossible unless you know the exact name of the app you are looking for.

And, most importantly, the biggest thing that last week gave me was my last few days at my job. I begin a new phase of life as a freelancer today and to be fair, it is scary. But hey, if this guy can jump out of a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute and survive, I’m pretty sure I can do this!

Here’s to another week of excitement, and of course, musings..

Originally published at on August 1, 2016.