Runkeeper might be the best third-party run tracking app for the Apple Watch

  • Should be able to launch the iPhone app and start/pause/end a workout from the Apple Watch reliably and quickly
  • Should surface at least 3–4 metrics on the screen during a run (preferably time, distance, average pace and average heart rate)
  • Should have music controls built into the app
  • Should let me pause runs using the ‘press digital crown and side button together’ gesture of WatchOS 3
  • Shouldn’t make me use force touch on the screen to pause/end a workout (sweaty hands make it an exercise in frustration at the end of a gruelling run)
  • Should have detailed post-run metrics in the app
  • Should allow me to export my runs in a format of my choice
  • Should have some social networking aspects (running groups, community events, leaderboards, etc.) built in



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