The best smartphone to buy right now.

If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone right now (or in this calendar year, for that matter), there is only one clear winner in the ever-continuing battle for the best smartphone out there. It is the OnePlus 3! I should just stop here and direct you to the Amazon page where you can buy it; you will see the specs and the price and will need no more convincing to add it to your cart. Yes, that is how clear a winner the OnePlus 3 is, according to me. Why? I’m glad you asked.

I’m a technology enthusiast (to put it mildly) and I adore Apple products (again, putting it mildly) but every once in a while there comes a phone from another manufacturer that makes me take notice and want to ditch my iPhone for it. In 2013, the Nexus 5 was that phone. I bought it a couple of days after it was released, shocked everyone around me and didn’t shut up about it for months (a couple of my friends went ahead and bought it because of my incessant praise about the phone; they won’t admit that, though). And, three years from then, in 2016, OnePlus 3 (to be frank, I didn’t pay much attention to the OnePlus 1 and 2) is that smartphone. And, for the features that it offers and the price that it offers them at, we might as well label it the best smartphone of 2016!

Of course, there are other genuinely awesome phones in the market right now. The Samsung Galaxy S7 (and by extension, S7 Edge) is the smartphone to buy if you want the best camera, the HTC 10 has amazing build quality and a timeless design and then there is the iPhone, with iOS and the tight user experience it brings along with it, a camera that stands toe to toe with the Galaxy S7 and design and build quality that inspired HTC in the first place (there are a couple of other great phones too but they still fall behind the ‘trinity’; Moto Z, for example, if you want the thinnest phone in the market, very RAZR-esque by design, with modularity done right — looking at you, underwhelming LG G5). You feel that you’d choose one of these phones but then you look at the OnePlus 3 and everything it offers (which is almost everything the aforementioned ‘trinity’ offers) and things change..

OnePlus 3 vs. the flagship ‘trinity’

Billed as ‘flagship killers’ and sold by a startup which wants you to ‘never settle’, OnePlus’s smartphones have always been about giving more to customers than they expect at that price-point. That is what Huawei and Mi have been trying to do for the last couple of years and that is exactly what OnePlus has perfected (both, in hardware and software terms) with the OnePlus 3. OnePlus’s latest brings the crème de la crème of smartphone hardware and software. It packs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip inside (same as that in other flagship smartphones), 64 GB on in-built storage (with the caveat that it doesn’t have a microSD slot), an AMOLED full HD display, a great camera, USB-C, a fast and dependable fingerprint scanner, dual-SIM support (something that I have always wished Apple would implement), great battery life and, wait for it, and this is going to blow minds, a whopping 6GB of RAM (in the company’s words — overkill, maybe; awesome, yes!). All of this at a price of INR 27k which is half of what flagship phones from other companies retail at! And, what I find a breath of fresh air, it ships with Oxygen OS — OnePlus’s skin atop Android — which actually enhances the functionality of pure Android without adding bloat to it or turning it into Android: the iOS version (Xiaomi and Huawei, looking at you). The software is chockfull of useful features like a system-wide dark mode (wish iOS would implement this), Quickcharge (0–60% in 30 mins), a three-way notification switch to toggle notifications (a simple hardware interaction I love in iPhones), a widget-shelf to the left of the homescreen to better organize your widgets (something that iOS has done since iOS 8 which I feel is better than Android’s default implementation of widgets), etc. OnePlus has also promised to stay on track with timely updates to Android. And, did I tell you about the price of this phone! All this at that price-point is crazy!

All in all, at the price that the OnePlus 3 retails at (seriously, I can’t shut up about it!) and the flagship-esque features it packs, it is the best phone to buy right now and that’s the general consensus among the veterans of the tech world (like Phil Nickinson and Michael Fisher) who I follow religiously.

So, go on, buy yours now while I take deep breaths, calm myself down and stop jumping up and down about how awesome the OnePlus 3 is!

Originally published at on August 5, 2016.

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