The top 5 things that Apple will do in 2016 (based on heard rumors)

4 inch iPhones to rule the world!

Call it the iPhone 6c or 7c, say that it’ll be launched in March or September, but the rumors about Apple re-launching a 4 inch iPhone refuse to die. And, I think, it does make sense from Apple’s perspective. With every phone today trying to widen our hands, there are a lot of people who’d want something that is compact as well as powerful. And if Apple offers the world’s best compact camera and the fastest processor and cutting-edge features in a smaller frame and lower price-point, I see them taking over the developing world just like they did in the US. Let’s hope that we get a iPhone 6c/7c with the features of an iPhone 6s and not just a iPhone 5s re-packaged in plastic like they did when they launched the iPhone 5c.

iPhones so thin and sharp that you can cut vegetables with them!

Another big rumor doing the rounds is that in its eternal quest to slim down the iPhone, Apple will ditch the port that occupies the most space, the 3.5 mm headphone jack. While both sides of the argument have valid points, I think that if it helps Apple make their phones better, they’ll ditch the port. It’ll create a bit more space in the chassis to include a bigger battery (hopefully) and will also make it easier for Apple make their phones waterproof with only one port (lightning) to manage. Also, I think that users of Apple products are now conditioned to accepting Apple changing technologies and ditching ports every couple of years. It happened with the Macbook Air (only 2 USB ports), the iPhone 5 (30 pin to lightning) and the new Mackbook (just one USB-C port). I’m sure that when someone buys an Apple product these days, they surely keep some money aside to buy extra connector cables. And, reportedly, Apple is going to bundle wireless Earpods with the iPhone 7 and is also developing wireless earbuds with Beats. So, no sweat.

RIP, Macbook Air

This rumor has been around for a couple of years and with the price drops, lack of cutting-edge features (retina display, for one) and the release of the new Macbook, I think that it’ll finally happen in 2016. My favorite Mac is going to be discontinued (tear rolling down my cheek). The new Macbook will take its place as the entry level Macbook (with a price drop, hopefully; INR 80,000 shouldn’t be called entry level) and the Macbook Pro will be the offering for serious users. Plus, the naming convention of the new Macbook gives it away. It won’t make sense for Apple for have a Macbook Air, a Macbook and a Macbook Pro, in that order. The Macbook already covers all the features of the Macbook air, is slimmer, more powerful and looks better. So, ya, the resale prices of your Macbook Airs are going to drop.

The Apple Watch will hopefully become a ‘Smart’watch

Yes, Apple released a smartwatch in 2015. And yes, it sold more than all other smartwatches combined. And yes, now that Apple has entered the wrist-borne wearables space, they are going to the be the next big thing in technology (smartphones can only get that thin and that powerful, after all). But, for all its positives, the first generation was plagued by some very specific issues which impeded it doing its job well and in the process, made it a bit difficult for it to become a truly smart watch. Apple, based on the rumors being heard will surely address those issues and like it did with the iPad 2, will take over the whole smartwatch segment with it’s Apple Watch 2. There should surely be a slimmer profile, a better processor to improve it’s speed, better apps and marginally better battery life. Apple would also be wise to include a GPS sensor to make it a better fitness watch and if the recently filed patents are indicative, Apple might also be working on smart straps that would open a world of possibilities for the watch (straps for extra battery life, more sensors, etc.). And please, Apple, please change the homescreen on the watch from it’s current noisy state to something which can be used to look for and launch apps.

iPad goes 3D!

While it’d be awesome wearing 3D glasses and see your content pop out of your iPad, the iPad won’t be doing that for some time. The 3D bit that I’m talking about is 3D Touch, the pressure-sensitive screen technology that we saw in the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, Apple Watch and the new Macbooks (called Force Touch in the latter two). Historically, we have seen new technology being introduced in iPhones first and then being adopted in iPads in their next iteration (Retina Display on iPhone 4 and iPad 3, Touch ID on iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2, etc.). But, if rumors heard are to be true, Apple might be facing manufacturing line issues in adopting the technology on bigger screens and we might not see 3D Touch on iPads in March. But, with some part of the 3D Touch experience already adopted on the iPad Pro, I’m hopeful that soon, we’ll be able to ‘peek’ and ‘pop’ content on the iPad.

And, most certainly, we should expect seeing Apple Pencil compatibility for the smaller iPads and to help Apple make more money and provide in-house solutions, we should also see a smart keyboard case for the smaller iPads, a la the iPad Pro.

What do you think Apple’s 2016 will be like? More of the same, or something entirely new. Share you thoughts in the comments. Stay tuned for more stuff about all things tech.

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