A dot is a one dimensional spot. You arrange any dots together, you get a two dimensional line. You arrange many lines together, you get a three dimensional plane.

At the end of the day, it’s a series of simple dots arranged in a specific way that creates the reality around you.

Animaker is not a marketing oriented company or a sales oriented company nor a product oriented company. We are basically a people oriented company. By people we mean the Makers within and our customers outside!

This wall is collect all the love we receive from around the world in a physical format. It’s like a ritual for every Maker to collect the best feedback of the week and portray it in the Wall of Love.

The Infinity-room is dedicated to the Man who knew Infinity: Srinivasa Ramanujan. His story has strong parallels with Animaker. Both grew up in Chennai and set out to conquer the world!

He had no formal training in Mathematics and yet contributed substantially in the field of Mathematics. He solved problems that were deemed unsolvable!

This goes on to show that Passion trumps Education — be it the creative mind or the logical mind. Just put in your best everyday, infinity is the limit!

Animaker is what it is today because of all the WoW (Week on Week) meetings. These are creative brainstorming sessions inspired by our results the previous week.

Everything is discussed from sales to product and customer support. Every creative twist which changed our course for ever has its origins in one WoW meeting or the other.

It’s the most “chilled-out” room in the whole office; with bean bags scattered around and a huge yellow wall dedicated for writing whacky ideas.

Life can hit you hard any time.

It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s all about how much you get hit and keep moving forward — Rocky Balboa

To keep moving forward you need to be tough — both mentally and physically. While you can always go to Mars for mental well-being, the ring was designed for Makers to be in peak physical conditions.


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