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2 min readAug 2, 2023

Media Release 2/8/2023

Drone footage from top Tassie greyhound trainer released.

Animal Liberation Tasmania has released anonymously provided footage, showing the conditions at top Tasmanian greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock’s facility in Exeter.

The footage shows greyhounds kept in freezing conditions with the barest minimum of protection, some without even coats or a blanket in sparse tin sheds. Shredded paper is offered as bedding to some, where others have nothing at all.

A pair of horses are also shown on the property, one in particular in poor condition. Also of concern, a small number of what appear to be small animal cages or traps on and around greyhound runs, their purpose unknown.

The footage also shows a ute filling up with animal refuse during the period of filming, with horse bones, skins, and a head being dumped alongside the corpse of a pademelon. Two other deceased pademelons were located to the rear of what appear to be dilapidated training runs.

Bullock is Tasmania’s leading greyhound trainer, but is also the most controversial, with numerous scandals associated with his name. He has also been visited numerous times by representatives from the Office of Racing Integrity, the RSPCA, and local council. Yet no action has been taken regarding conditions or other areas of concern.

Animal Liberation Tasmania condemns this system of exploitation, that views the lives and bodies of other animals as mere tools to be used for human profit. A system that is propped up by the Tasmanian tax payer to the tune of millions of dollars every year. A system the Tasmanian Liberals are committed to funding and supporting further.

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