2nd Post & Rant: Why I Dislike Myself and Hate Computer Viruses.

Hello again! Didn’t expect me to write another post today? Well I am back with a pretty good topic. Computer viruses! The title may have been a little misleading because I don’t really hate myself for just a couple of mistakes. What’s done has been done.

Photo: My YT channel.

I make gaming montages on my YT channel and with that requires music that I will enjoy and help make the video montage more entertaining. I’ve known about music that is “Royalty Free” or “Free download” for quite awhile. But some can be a couple years old and some are dead links. :(

I came across this called “listentoyoutube.com” which lets you convert any YT video and Download it’s audio. At first it seemed good and was able to download a couple of songs off there without any problem. (They were free Downloads but the links to download them were dead.)

One day, I downloaded this song but it instead have me a .exe file (all my files that I download from the site should’ve been .mp3! I also later looked at their FAQ on their site and it says there’s no programs involved). I stupidly took the bait and opened a program that tries to appear as the website listentoyoutube! It took forever to load the “song” but in reality, it was putting harmful programs on my laptop!

It didn’t take too long to figure out that I was infected because I got “ads not by this site” on YouTube and I have AdBlock so that was a red flag! I looked into my extensions and I had these two programs “UneiDeallsa”! Sorry for the other angle btw:

I then downloaded the trail version of MalawareBytes and it was alright. But it only got worse. I had Downloaded two other anti-virus programs, “Adwcleaner” and “Hitman Pro” on CNET. Adwcleaner actually gave me two Trojans and I had to find that out by using Hitman Pro. Hitman Pro did a WAY better job in my opinion because it got rid of some of the “Tracking Cookies”!

This all happened late February last month and am still infected. Every time I open Chrome after closing all of the tabs, I get those two extensions and if I don’t remove them I’ll get a pop up every time I click a button. No joke.

One tip I can try to give to anyone affected by this is go to there sites cookies on most of the website you go to and block and delete the “suspicious” cookies, like mnh.winnership or googleads (that one probably cause the bad pop ups every time I click a button to open a new tab with the site or video).

I know this was long but thanks for reading and if you have any questions, contact me on Twitter @Animatuh or my YT. I’ll probably make some follow-up posts to this soon so stay tuned!

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