Binge and Review: Servant x Service

This series is just a lot of fun. Of course there’s a story and point to it. But it’s mainly fun. And that’s what I was searching for when I was looking through Anime to watch for this next review.

The story takes place in an Civil Servant Ward (basically a government office) and you follow three new hires through their days. It’s as slice of life as it gets. You get a glimpse of their training and interactions with the other members of the office that have been there a while. The focus thought is the friendships of the three new new hires, two veteran employees, and the boss. We also get a few characters from outside that circle, but they’re family members so they aren’t far removed.

As the core groups friendship grows, they become a lot of fun. You get the feeling that you want to work in that office with them. You want to take your lunch breaks together. They are the coworkers that you wish you had at your job. There’s always something fun happening.

Even the family members have a lot to add to the shows enjoyment. You get to meet a couple of the main characters sisters. One you think is a huge pain at first, but you end up liking her. Or at least I did. It’s nice to see how everyone is outside of work. A lot of workplace slice of life neglect that part. But I think it’s a huge piece that needs to be included. It makes them feel more like real people and even easier to relate to.

One thing I really like that isn’t related to the story or series directly, is the opening credits. The animation in the opening is great. It’s unique. The colors are bright and the music is happy. You can tell right off the bat that you are going to have a lot of fun watching this series. As soon as the music starts, I instantly get a huge smile in anticipation of the hilarity of what’s to come.

If you’re looking for a fun series to break up a cycle of serious or action series, this is the one you should watch. That’s exactly what I did. I had been watching a lot of dark Anime lately and wanted a change of pace. This was exactly what I needed.

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