Top 10 Best Cute Anime Couples Cuddling of All Time

Top 10 Best Cute Anime Couples Cuddling

Anime couples are the cutest thing in the world. There are all kinds of lovely scenes between the two characters. Whether it was happiness , sadness , or kisses, it’s all satisfactory. But I am sure of one thing, they really make us jealous.

10. Shinichi and Ran (Detective Conan)


Who doesn’t know Shinichi and Ran? We grew up watching them in the long series of Detective Conan. Shinichi is a 16 years old boy, who helps the police in a lot of cases due to his intelligence. He took a pill by force, which turned him into his 5 year-old self. Ran, his fiancé, waits for him, patiently, with no expectations whatsoever;she knows that she could just be faced with disappointment. Disappointment that lurks behind her happy façade. But she chooses to wait for Shinichi with hope. Conan -Shinchi 5 years old- is trying so hard to get to his original body size, and find the organization that made him that way. Plus, his love for Ran never changed a bit. Their love is what we call bittersweet but admirable.

9.Kyouya and Erika (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji)


At first we couldn’t call them a couple, really. He is a sadist and she is a liar. Erika is a girl who has lied about her romantic exploits multiple times to earn the respect of her new friends. So, when they asked for a picture of her “boyfriend,” she hastily snaps a photo of a handsome stranger, whom her friends recognize as the prince Kyouya Sata. Trapped in her own web of lies, Erika explains her predicament to Kyouya to avoid humiliation. And then kyouya decides to help her, pretend to be her boyfriend in front of people. But in fact she will be his dog as a catch.


 For some quite of time, much shenanigans, Erika found her self falling in love with Kyouya. The same went for him and finally they became a real couple.

8.Raku and Chitoge (Nisekoi)


It’s hard to be the son of Yakuza’s Boss and the daughter of Bee Hive’s boss. Well, Raku and Chitoge are. Raku met Chitoge after she jumped over a wall and hit him on his face. After that, their parents decided for them to be a couple for 3 years, all to avoid the conflicts between the two gangs. Yet these two hate each other;so, it was next to impossible. However, their feelings started to change; they fell in love to each other. And they are so adorable.

7.Takeo and Yamato (Ore Monogatari)


It’s what we call relationship goals. Takeo is giant with a big heart high-school, ironic, isn’t it? Like his best friend Suna, he is respected by his fellow friends, yet not as popular among girls. However, one day Takeo saved Yamato from a pervert in the train. And that’s when the story blossomed.


 Yamato fell for Takeo from the first sight, truly love at first sight. But Takeo thought she’s just like the other girls that tried befriend him to approach Suna. Soon, he realized that she loves him as he do.


 They’re all about cute, sweet couple moments that make your heart warm. Indeed way too cute.

6.Kousei and Kaori (Your Lie in April)


Kaori is the girl that revives Kousei long lost musical performance ability. For Kousei used to be the best pianist for his age. But lost his ability to hear the notes when he played the piano after his strict mother passed away. He never touched music from that point on. Not until he was forced to listen to a recital played by Kaori. That was the turning point for him. Simply put, Kaori changed Kousei. She forced him to play, to accompany her, and before he knew it, he fell in love with her. But the most depressing thing about this anime is that Kaori has a sickness that will lead her to death. Prepare yourselves, your hearts and your feels, because you will cry your heart out after you finish this anime — their love is so moving.

5.Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)


At the start, Naruto, apparently, was in love with Sakura. Naruto thought Hinata was weird and shy, not knowing that Hinata developed feelings for him since they were kids. These two always help each other fight, protect and save each other. Hinata told Naruto that she loves him after she tried to save him in the invasion of Pain. Eventually, he falls in love with Hinata as you can see in The Last Naruto they are so cute as a couple.

4.Ren and Nana Osaki (Nana)


As the lead singer of the band Blast, Nana gained a rabid following of fans in her hometown due to her typically “cool” appearance. Though Nana and Ren still loved each other, they believed that a long distance relationship would be pointless. The girl proudly refused to abandon her own musical career to follow him; thus, their relationship ended.


 Nana never gave up loving Ren, but one day she met him again on a show of his band. She went to his hotel room to clear things forever. However, their love was so dramatically strong, for they loved each other so much! And they got back together in a flash. But Ren was addicted to drugs and soon he died in a car accident the night of Nana’s birthday. It’s a sad, beautiful, tragic love.

3.Zen and Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)


Zen and Shirayuki aren’t ‘officially’ together, but they pretty much seem like they are. Zen, the second prince of a country, saves Shirayuki, a commoner, frrom the prince of her home country. Shirayuki is accepted at Zen’s castle as a herbalist. She accompanies Zen on many of his missions and helps him in his tasks. We see Zen falling in love with her first and ‘proposes’ in the first season, promising to hold her hand through everything. And we hear Zen confess to Shirayuki’s father that he’s madly in love with her in the second season. Shirayuki is kind of hesitant but we all know that she’s in love with him, too. They’re the most heart-warming couple.

2.Yamato and mei (Say I Love You)


Mei Tachibana was back-stabbed by her own friends. From that day on, she distanced herself from everyone in order so she never got hurt again. Then again, she is still a normal high school girl, one who also thinks of friendship and the experiences of first love. That’s exactly where popular Yamato steps in. He turns Mei’s world upside down; soon enough an extraordinary love story begins. Will Mei be able to change?


 Their relationship shows the hardships of being together and how difficult it is to change for someone while also staying true to yourself. Sukitte Ii na yo makes you think about how hard it is to say the words “I love you.”

1.Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online)


Kirito and Asuna are cute when they’re in their home. So cool on the front-lines when they fight together. They meet each other in a VR game, but they are trapped until someone clears the game. Kirito is a solo player, but, Asuna works her way to a prestigious vice commander of the most powerful guild. Asuna has feelings for Kirito. He fell in love with her after she saved him from getting killed. We see her saving his life multiple times and in the end sacrifices her life so that he could kill the creator of the game. Their love will make you shed so many tears; make your heart warm at the same time. They’re definitely the best couple!


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