Einstein’s Forgotten Model of the Universe
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According to Radhasoami Faith there are three grand divisions of the universe viz.,

1. Nirmal Chetan Desh (Region of Pure Spirituality) — This region is mostly unknown and unexplained scientifically.

2. Brahmand Desh (Spiritual-Material Region) — Known part of the universe. This is also known as subtle material region.

3. Pind Desh (Material-Spiritual Region) — Known part of the universe. Mostly visible to our naked eyes. This is also known as gross material region

“The creation of Pind includes our Solar System and the Brahmanda is above it and the Nirmal Chetan Dham i.e. Dayal Desh is still higher and beyond” (Bachan №65, Selected Bachans of Param Guru Maharaj Sahab).

Thus it is clear that our Solar System is Pind Desh and Milky Way Galaxy is our Brahmada Region (our Triloki). There are billions of galaxies in our universe (known part). Each galaxy is also known as Island Universe. In the terminology of Religion of Saints we may call it Triloki. Pind and Brahmanda comprise about 6% of known universe so far. Remaining (about 94%) of the universe is unexplained till date. This unknown part of the universe comprises mostly of dark energy and dark matter. Perhaps this unexplained and unknown part of the universe constitute the region of Nirmal Chetan Desh (Region of Pure Spirituality)

This seems to be an approximate scientific validation of Radhasoami Faith view of division of the universe into three grand divisions.

We are the integral part of this WHOLE. We are the representative of Bio-Physics.

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