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I’ve been a friend of the pod for a couple of months now and I love the work y’all are doing. Listening to the pods has allowed me to think about politics and foreign policy far more critically than I had before. A quick question after listening to the Pod today, “Literally farcical”, on a comment Jon made about how our government’s checks and balances are still in place and have not failed, that it’s the Republicans in Congress that have failed. My question is, if it’s possible, as it has been shown, for the President to act so unchecked via a complicit Congress, does that mean new/more checks are required, by law, so this doesn’t happen again? Like making the filibuster into law before it gets removed (not sure that’s a good idea but as an example), or making the FBI director position permanent for the full, 10 year term barring any major offenses. Do we have to re-examine the law in this case and add to it so this can’t happen in the future or is the final check the vote of the people (like Congress becoming Democratic in 2018) and we just have to hope that it happens? I know it’s a long question but I hope you have the time and thanks for consistently putting out such thought-provoking content!


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