Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Won’t Win the War
Sasha Stone

I have believed in, supported and voted for Hillary. But I am clear-headed enough to say she is imperfect. Like we all are. Through out her public life she has made wrong decisions, when I am sure, she knew they were wrong. Ok, some wrong decisions weren’t wrong at the time (who knew about hackers in 2008?) Who would have thought the personal server would have been an issue? But handling Government emails, even if they were not Classified at the time, was a bad idea. Period. Taking early copies of the debate questions, was a bad idea. Period….on and on. She wasn’t perfect. She took money from the wrong people. She wasn’t perfect…and as we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate…or a perfect person. Sometimes, like all of us, our moral compass and good reasoning take a left turn.

But she understood government, bipartisanship, playing with the big boys in their own sandbox. She knew the foreign players and understood strategy enough to set a meaningful, thoughful foreign policy. She cared about others. She wanted to be sure everyone had healthcare…even if the ACA needed to be tweaked, she would have ensured everyone had coverage.

Instead we thought she couldn’t be trusted. So we elected a bigot, misogynist, predator who thinks women are for grabbing by their gentials. He thought this would be “easy.” Someone else would have to understand the issues and just bring him something he could just say yes to. He was used to letting others do the heavy lifting, but he would always have the “power” to make the final decision. We just didn’t know how little he cared about really understanding the issues. He couldn’t be bothered; he was bored. So he watched cable TV instead sitting in the situation room during a seal operation and while one of our finest died.

He learned he could say anything, lie, exaggerate and use adjectives (over and over and over) to amplify his stated postion. But these lies were obviously untrue. When confronted, he blamed others, he blamed Obama (he needs to get over this) and he lied again. He tried to discredit the press when they uncovered his lies…and he lied again.

Yet people refuse to admit his faults. They cheer for him at his meetings like they did for Hilter in Nazi Germany, even when they knew what he said was a lie.

I worry every day if Trump will lie his way into impeachment. That’s not good for any of us. But I worry more that he will refuse to listen to reasonable advisors and drag us into WWIII.

Do I think in 10 years we’ll think better of Hilary? I don’t know. There may be no one left to think about it at all.

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