Democrats Should Fight For, Not Discard, So-Called “Identity Politics”
Sasha Stone

Preserve and fight for the path Obama laid out for us. It’s worth fighting for. Save the ACA, fight for women’s rights, fight for unarmed black men being shot, fight for transgender men and women who simply want to use the bathroom without fear of being assaulted. Fight for equality, fight for truth, fight for a free press, fight against bullies like Trump and his racist band of thugs. Fight against the daily torment of a lunatic who doesn’t know how to run the country, and is itching to propel us into senseless war. Fight against white supremacy. And yes, fight for the workers in small town America whose jobs have been replaced, whose futures are bleak. Fight for inclusion, not exclusion.

This should be put in gold letter across every Democrat’s home. This should be the core mission: defend civil rights and fight all those who try to destroy them.

And I am SURE one of those roses dude will somehow make this about Wall Street.

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