The Cosmic Garden for the Week Beginning May 15th, 2017

How does your garden grow?

We are in the last days of the Sun in Taurus and it enters Gemini on the 20th. The Moon is waning and is in Saturn today and is placed in the Third Quarter, moving to the Last Quarter phase on the 18th-19th. Time for personal energies to be focused inward. The Sun is in Earth going into an Air sign, communication quickens, a flurry of activity. Take some time in the early part of the week to get grounded and stay focused.

Mercury is in 29 degrees of Aries and is conjunct Uranus, trine Saturn and semi-square to Neptune this week. Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th. Keep in mind that Mercury is now in forward motion and leaves the retrograde shadow period this coming up week around the 21st. The planets Mercury is interacting with now still hang an element of danger all around it, especially with the conjunct Uranus. Safety, short term commuting and communication can be affected. Results will be restrictive with Saturn. Elements of mystery, illusion and untruths, situations under the surface will also come into play with Neptune. No handshake deals, get stuff in writing. Lots will be revealed through the media this week as well.

Venus is in 10 degrees Aries and the Moon squares it, Jupiter is in opposition and the Sun is semi-squared. Venus is sextile Mars, a rather harmonious aspect for relationships. The square with the Moon can backfire on this nice aspect, creating some irritations and Jupiter being in opposition can mean what you expected to get (money, job) might end up being a waiting game.

Mars is in 16 degrees of Gemini, square Neptune, trine Jupiter and sextile Venus. Mars generally works well in Mercury. With the squared Neptune, can bring some steam or hot water. Lies, falsehoods, stories that are not true that become revealed and communicated are part of these planetary interactions. The trine with Jupiter is nice, think of things happening that will make “MORE OF” and this would depend on the house affected and aspecting with each individual’s natal planets in their chart.

Jupiter is retrograde and has a lot going on; trine with Mars, opposing Venus, squaring the Moon, inconjunction with Neptune, squaring Pluto and quintile Saturn. If you are expecting more of anything, work, job, results from benefactors, generosity, optimism, synthesis with others, wait as this is a slow moving planet. All of this says ups and downs for quite a while.

Saturn, another slow moving planet is in Sagittarius by 26 degrees and is in retrograde motion. It is trine with Mercury and Uranus, inconjunct with the Sun and quintile Jupiter. This is the planet of focus, concentration, consequences, timing, effort, perseverance. A great planet when exalted in Aries. Good for military placement too. For all practical purposes this week, Saturn can override any other negative aspects happening with Mercury and Uranus but restricts the Sun and Jupiter. As indicated by other aspects, it is a waiting game for work, job, waiting on that check or money to come through. Everything is moving in slow motion.

Uranus is into Aries by 26 degrees. It is conjunct Mercury, trine Saturn, square Pluto and in a semi-sextile with the Sun. Expect the unexpected is key here, also the results will be restricting. There could be some more sudden activity with nuclear energy, like we had last week (with Hanaford complex in Washington state, for example). Don’t expect the full truth with “official” stories.

Neptune is in Pisces by almost 14 degrees. It is squared Mars, inconjunct Jupiter, semi-square with Mercury, sextile the Moon, sextile Pluto and quintile the Sun. This is escapism, carelessness, deception, stories “on the downlow,” delusions, lies, substance abuse, dreamtime, intense emotions. With Pluto and Mars there, looks like explosive things can happen this week, both personal and with the media (Mercury, the printed word) and the dreamy secretive Moon for deceptions and lies. Watch those energies towards the end of this week and next weekend especially.


Pluto is retrograde and in the sign of Capricorn, restricting and very slow moving, so this motion will last for a while. The Sun is trine Pluto, Moon is conjunct, Jupiter and Uranus squaring and Neptune is sextile. Pluto rules destruction, regeneration, dictators, sadists, mental illness, nuclear energy, transformation. Again, as I said last week, there will be some fast and furious changes on the global scene and it could involve using weapons, lying, intensity, force and disruptions on a massive scale. These aspects could also signify pandemics. We are already experiencing some of these things on a large portion of the globe already, but now will be affecting areas that have known an upscale way of life up to this point. Important to get to know your neighbors and developing community around your local areas and how you can help one another.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Pluto’s energy is like the Tower Card in the Tarot; destructive, a tearing down, to build up and transformation. Yes, it hurts, but this change is necessary. I always equate it to the aspect in a person’s natal chart called “Pluto over the Midheaven.” This energy is the same as the Tower. When this is happening with a person’s natal chart, life as they knew it is never again the same. Pluto was discovered in 1930 in the very beginning of the nuclear age, so it’s association with Nuclear Energy is not by chance.

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