6 Parallels Between the Third Reich and Trump

Or, why calling Trump supporters Nazis is accurate

I get a lot of flack because I call Trump Supporters Nazis. This is to be expected, but what I didn’t expect was the Democrat backlash, given how obvious it is from anyone who isn’t a white cishet Christian. So, I pitched this article and it wasn’t picked up, but I feel like if I can help people understand that this is serious, then maybe we can help stop the Fourth Reich. So, here we go.

6. Trump is checking off the fascism checklist terrifyingly quickly

So, let’s go through and break this down.

Powerful, continuing nationalism? Check. See MAGA or America First. Or even labeling people against Trump as traitors and the “Good Germans” as patriots. The right in America has a long, storied tradition of this, so it might surprise some this is a common sign of fascism.

Identifying enemies/Scapegoats as a unifying cause? Check. This one is pretty obvious given the Muslim ban, and people claiming The Dems lost by “focusing on niche issues”

Rampant Sexism? Hella check. Trump has signed in several anti-woman bills, and is requiring anti-woman laws to give financial support to foreign countries.

Obsession with National Security? This one has been happening since Bush, so I will forgive those who didn’t see this as a warning sign either. But it’s getting worse.

Corporate Power is protected? Cheeeeeeeeck. Almost every person he has tried to appoint is involved with corporate benefits, and we are seeing much more rulings in favor of corporations instead of for the working class. This is another thing that has been in the Right for a while.

Disdain for intellectuals and the Arts? Checkity check. He has stopped funding for the arts and sciences. Also a cornerstone for the right for a while. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Rampant cronyism and corruption? Check, although this is a big part of America’s democracy for a while. See Citizens United and other BS benefiting the 1% at the cost of the people.

Disdain for recognizing Human Rights? Check. Do I have to explain this one? Also, cornerstone of the right. It’s almost as if the Republicans are fascists or something.

Supremacy of the Military? …Maybe half check on this one. Definitely in attitude, and with the threats of declaring Martial Law in Chicago, very possibly a full check here.

Controlled Mass Media? Very arguably a full check here. However, given that we aren’t dealing with “America First Television” more correlation than causation here.

Religion and Government are intertwined? This is definitely a check, just because of attitude and goals. This has been the effects of the Republicans “Southern Strategy”, and they would love nothing more than to see the US become a “Christian Nation”.

Labor Power is suppressed? Check. Anti-union propoganda and laws have been passed and upheld through several presidencies. This is another thing America has always had a problem with.

Obsession with Crime and Punishment? Check. This is a group who have literally made it illegal to exist for some groups of people and SERIOUSLY THE DUDE RAN ON THE “LAW AND ORDER” PLATFORM.

Fraudulent Elections? Oh look at that, check. Wanna fight me? Ask states like NC or AL. Or really any southern state. Gerrymandering is an issue, and will become an even bigger issue soon.

So we’re looking at a 13/14 at best, 14/14 at worst. I wonder why people are calling him a fascist y’all?

5. He is using Muslim people as a scapegoat just like Jewish people were in Nazi Germany.

This one should be blatantly obvious for everyone involved here. The Muslim ban, with there already being reports of people being stopped and asked about their citizenship just for not being white.

Expect something as obvious as this or more obvious very, very soon.

4. His playbook is literally Mein Kampf.


3. He is putting White Supremacists in positions of power

Breitbart is a well-known hub of white supremacists. They tried to move away from it for a bit, but literally cannot move away from it.

They tried to re-brand themselves as the “Alt-Right”. Nazi posterboy Richard B. Spencer, who has been punched at least 3 times at the time of this writing for being a Nazi in public and also who everyone saw cry on national TV, says that they want a peaceful genocide. Also, he has been on record mentioning that maybe we should just kill all of the black people.

Alt-right is code for Nazi. Call them Nazis and stop coddling them.

2. Did you know that the Doomsday Clock from Watchmen is both real and now 2 minutes and 30 seconds from midnight?

I didn’t know this and holy crap that’s terrifying. Basically unrelated here, but I just thought that you should probably know that.

Arguably, it isn’t unrelated, because that’s a sign that we are closer to nuclear war. But nonetheless, it’s super terrifying.

1. The US democracy rating has been dropped, and will likely continue to

So, this is before Trump was elected:

Hey, pop quiz?

What country had an election where one of the candidates got over 3 million more votes than the other candidate, but the candidate who lost won?

If you said, America, you would be absolutely correct!

Some states in the US -literally- don’t even qualify as democracies anymore because of gerrymandering. NC is one of them. The state, situated in a democracy, is literally not even a democratic state.

And if you think that Republicans are going to fix this, I would like to direct your gaze to -literally- all of history.

Their views can’t win in a true democracy. That’s why they cling to the Electoral College. They can’t get the amount of votes, but believe they are “Real Americans” and the rest of us just…live here I guess?

Oh hey, there’s that fascist ideology poking its silly head out again.

I could also talk about how Disabled people are already targets, given the massive and unprofessional way that The Affordable Care Act was handled. Oh, hey, there’s that darn fascism again.

Protecting corporations over people.

This is why I call them Nazis. Because they are fucking Nazis.

We have to resist any way we can. Protect those less fortunate than you. Maybe the red and black will come together. Maybe we can make it through this. Some of us won’t tho.

So when you hear about the internment camps, or the conversion therapy camps, just remember, some of us tried to warn you.

Don’t be a good German. Don’t be a Vichy democrat.

Help us.

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