Seriously, Punch A Nazi

Why are we still debating this?

It is day 5. We are literally watching a speed run of “How to turn a Democracy into a Fascist State” and people are still hung up on punching Nazis.

“Punching a Nazi makes you a Nazi.”

It doesn’t, actually. Naziism is a political stance. It is fascism. Punching fascists makes you a fascist like punching a wall makes you a wall. This is a terrible line, and pretty much a give-away that you sympathize with Nazis. You should never sympathize with Nazis.

The old adage of “Tolerating intolerance” is dead. It’s why we currently are dealing with Nazis. Clearly, it doesn’t fucking work. If it did, we wouldn’t be up to our tits in Nazis. That logic is why we are currently here.

And why some of us are punching Nazis.

Because it fucking works.

Doxxing Nazis? It works.

Punching Nazis? It. Fucking. Works.

We can’t pretend like this isn’t a problem. We are the closest in ideals to the Greatest Generation. And they fucking punched Nazis. They also dropped bombs on Nazis. And shot them with bullets.

Nazis think they are bulletproof because we’re supposed to tolerate them.

Nah, that’s not how life works. How many of my friends and family have to be killed before it’s “morally correct” to run through a motherfucker’s face?

How many bodies do I have to bury?

Because for me, that number is 0.

The existence of Nazis is the threat of violence. The Greatest Generation understood that. The boomers, their children, elected a Nazi. White people decided white supremacy was more important than innocent lives.

And we have to fight that.

We have to clean up their mess. And teach the next generation that Nazis are not to be tolerated.

If punching a Nazi in a mouth will stop people from dying, damn right I’m gonna punch a Nazi in the mouth.

Bite me.