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It was only few years back that I came to know what introvert actually meant

It refers to a person whose motives and actions are directed inward.

This sounds so simple doesn't it? But for me the word meant much more.

All those years of confusion,the zest to find answers, wondering what could be so much wrong with me…

I was born a quiet child, had a few, but close friends. I always found it difficult to get around people. I loved being alone but never wanted to be labeled lonely . They called me quiet, reserved, shy.Yes! I did built a wall to guard my thoughts and emotions but I was not being antisocial, just wanted my space but none understood. They felt I was sad,depressed. No, I wasnt. With these many “they” telling me what I was,I felt there was something wrong with me but still wondered how can I be quiet when I had the loudest mind within.I didn't know what to answer them because I was myself confused. Deep inside I knew that I was an internally energised thinker and not ‘the lost lady’.

This was when I decided to let this loud mind of mine to be heard…..

I started writing, giving expression to my feelings.I let my emotions flow through those blank pages. This became the best decision of my life .I felt like the butterfly which had just broken from its cocoon and transformed into something beautiful I did find it difficult first but once I learned how to fly my next desire was to touch the sky.

To those deep thinkers out there, being an introvert doesn't make you a subhuman. People might call you names but finally its YOU who decides what YOU ARE.