BeANKH makes immortality a digital reality.

Did you ever thought about what happens after you die? What you are leaving behind to your children or beloved ones? Isn´t that, what comes after death, an essential thought where different cultures and religions are build on? AnkhLabs GmbH is putting this question in a new, a blockchain context.

We, the founders of BeANKH, are fathers of young kids and we were thinking about who our kids would ask all the important questions, which normally only a father can answer, if we pass away? Who is going to answer those questions? Another man? Teachers? No, this wasn´t the answer we wanted to accept. So we were seeking for a way how to be still alive somehow and be there for our beloved ones, even our physical bodies die.

Maybe by digitizing us? How else could we achieve that without digitizing ourselves? But who would we give the digital copy of ourselves? To a global company who could sell the data to others or can even manipulate our data?

And this was the point where BeANKH was born — to find the name “BeANKH” we have been inspired by ANKH, the sign of life.

BeANKH melds artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology to add immutability to digital immortality, allowing users to preserve and share their essential traits and personality long after their physical death.

And we are keen that we are not alone and get supported by a brilliant team, a growing enthusiastic community and by other brilliant people like our project advisor, Dr. Ben Goertzel, who is known as the “Father of Artificial General Intelligence”.

This is what Ben says about BeANKH:

„BeANKH is pursuing an incredibly important goal — the reliable long-term preservation of intelligent minds and their knowledge and behavior patterns. With modern AI, neuroscience and blockchain technology we have the basic ingredients needed to start making serious progress in this direction. The BeANKH roadmap is focused on using these tools to, step by step, make the long-time dream of mind uploading a technically feasible reality.“

BeANKH will give users many services which can be used at lifetime as well. This is for example the possibility to record messages incl. documents, pictures, videos and even cryptocurrencies, which wil be handed over in the future on a fixed date or after person´s death; the personal assistant usage of the digital you and if you want, the possibility to connect your digital you with 3rd party applications. You control your account, your data and who gets access to our digital you.

What you are leaving behind to your children or beloved ones? Don´t you want to be digitally immortal?

This is only the beginning of our journey. Join us, towards tomorrow and towards eternity.


Christian Mars & Volkan Yilmaz

Founders of AnkhLabs GmbH, Germany

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BeANKH makes immortality a digital reality. - (Blockchain / AI Startup)

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