Introducing HackLabs at SeqHack::2016

Ten years ago our interaction with the internet was primarily through PCs and Laptops. Today 20% of American adults already own a wearable device; IOT devices are expected to surpass mobiles in 2021 and thanks to Palmer Luckey, VR is also set to blur the boundaries of reality. There is immense opportunity for makers, designers and developers alike, to apply what we already know about mobile, web and AI to radically new frameworks, bringing in efficiencies and consumer behavioural changes. Be it using VR to experience a different era, using wearables to diagnose patients or leveraging IOT to reduce wastage in a food-factory — the possibilities are endless, the limits only set by what we can imagine.

In our attempt to catalyse a chain reaction in this direction, we are super excited to debut Sequoia::Hack’s Labs at the fourth edition of the hackathon this year.

How did we identify these gadgets for you? These are futuristic, either not available commercially or hard to get in India, have open APIs and an active developer community and are leading the charge in their respective niche.

Oculus CV1: The super comfortable and light consumer version with integrated headphones and tracking sensor. Can you help me design buildings in VR? Jump over some data-charts that I can’t exactly comprehend in excel?

Myo Gesture Bands: The future of wearable tech. Just two months ago, VR + Myo was used to train amputees to use new prosthetic limbs. In what other ways can we use this new human-computer interaction technology to make processes easier for us?

Estimote Beacons: Location based notifications (from lovely pastel colored rocks) to give you some real world context as you go about your day.

Amazon Echo: Your know-it-all personal assistant. How can we build more integrations and intelligence around us to make our lives even easier? Alexa, please refill all my mobile wallets? Wake me up when I get a sales-lead?

LittleBits: Light and temperature sensors, buzzers, inverters, LEDs and more itsy-bitsy little bits.

3D Printers: To help you cast the building blocks of your creation!

Leap Motion Sensors: A team built a gesture control VR inbox at the LeapMotion Hackathon this year. What ideas can you think of?

Theta 360 degree cameras: With our Facebook feeds now hijacked by 360 degree photos and videos, we had to bring this. The Theta lets you build apps that utilize the camera, or integrate features into the existing apps. Expand your mind and your phone camera’s untapped potential!

What’s your version of the future? We can’t wait to see what you build at Sequoia::Hack 2016.