Be a Host with Tea With Strangers

This page has all the information you need to know to apply to be a Tea With Strangers host.

Applications to start hosting in mid-July are due Sunday, June 17.

We invite new hosts to join the community once a month. Applications submitted after June 17 will be considered for the August Host Crew.

All the images below are in the Host Application Typeform, but here you have full-size versions.

You should take a look at these before applying:

This is the welcome screen.
Expectations before you get into the application. We included some links for you to stalk us at the bottom of this page.
The application questions, so you can think about it.

The graphics below are useful for the application, but they’re probably useless to you if you’re not applying to be a Host.

(Left) Random inspirational graphic to communicate that TWS is really just people, (Right) Everything that tea time is and everything it could be
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