I wish someone would’ve told me this about self-confidence.

Why aren’t you confident? Ankush, You are not confident; you often vacillate between choices. What’s your problem man? These are the questions my family, friends and I often asked to myself.

I always wondered; What kind of Pokemon is confidence? I hated when people said, “Believed in yourself”. I didn’t know what the hell on earth mean “Believe in yourself”. The truth is I didn’t know what was confidence, perhaps, I still don’t know. Self-Confidence is Pokemon hard to catch. But here is few things I learned during the pursuit of the rare Pokemon called confidence.

What is confidence? It is an ally, and like any pleasurable ally, it will give you the best weapon it could, and that is courage, no matter whether the time is good or bad. It is one of the things that can unleash your possibilities, that can push your limits. It’s the asset I have which helped me when I was going through hell, and this is an asset which will help me when I’ll go through hell. Confidence has different colours and meanings. It depends on an individual. For me, it’s about to ENDURANCE and to EMBRACING the situation no matter how hard the situation is. And for others, it could be not giving up, or things how he/she achieved not what he/she achieved it’s all about different perspective.

How do I get confidence, you ask? Unfortunately, there’s no Chemical X or magic button to overcome low confidence. I’m writing this post because I’ve been there, insecure, fearful, and with low confidence. I know these words very well.

And let me tell you I’ve seen hundreds of motivation talks, and read books about confidence and nothing worked, maybe, it worked for some people, but definitely, these types of things aren’t for me. So what I did, instead, I hear experiences of people no matter who they are, Be it any daily wager or who parties at five-star hotels, and when I say everybody has something to offer when it comes to experience, I mean it. It does two things for me break certain stereotypes, and help me find my motivation. Confidence and motivation are both good things for personal growth, but the thing is motivation is when you get inspired by others, confidence comes from within. Motivation is like fuel whereas confidence is like the engine and when the two things mixed it gives what you need.

This is the most important part when you catch the Pokemon, it will try escape. You know confidence is skill without that skill we’re done, we’re done when we lose belief in ourselves.

It’s an ability to believe in yourself, to complete any task, no matter the odds, no matter the difficulties. The belief you can accomplish it is self-confidence. It’s easier said than done, I know. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition of a particular task makes you super self-confident in any field.

I remember I wanted to ask a girl for a date, but I couldn’t, and what I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a problem when I have to ask girls out, although I am afraid of rejection like most of us. It’s not just about the girl. English is my second language and I was proud because I taught myself, I know my English is crap but still. I couldn’t write few lines in English when I had to write a letter for someone. What happened to confidence? I think I found the answer comfort is a killer of confidence I got comforted too much. “An un-maintained skill is equivalent to forgotten skill.” But it’s all right you don’t have to start from square one, once you get it you can catch easily because you have the experience. Comfort is bitch we all like it, it’s okay I like it too.