The Most Controversial ICO of 2017: Ankorus

Writes Ankorus Adviser David DuByne on

The only way I see the cryptocurrency world expanding, including smart contract adoption, is via a connection to traditional finance. Call me a heretic, but there will be little market cap expansion in crypto without easier points of both entry and exit for new arrivals, and a way for those who have (eg. stocks / bonds / ETFs) to exchange that value and invest into the blockchain / cryptocoin ecosystem.

This is what Ankorus will bring following their ICO, a platform to connect cryptocurrency traders to institutional finance and financial assets. Ankorus is a mix of Coinbase, E-Trade and Tether, all rolled into one.

Most Controversial

As we witnessed over the last week, bitcoin reached all-time highs around $5900, but we saw altcoins decline across the board by 10–20% or more. This is a gargantuan signal that there is not enough money to go around in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With that said, total cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased from $1.5bn in May 2013, to $179bn in Sep 2017, a 120-fold increase in less than four and a half years. This allowed the current cryptocurrency ecosystem to develop in its own peculiar space, ring-fenced and relatively isolated.

So if these numbers on their own are impressive, and they certainly are, just imagine the potential upside when the gates are opened wide to mainstream finance by platforms such as the upcoming Ankorus ICO.


In a true bull market everything rises. It’s the inverse in the cryptospace. BTC rises and pulls capital on its rise from every other token/coin. On the way down, it’s green across the board for the other 820+ altcoins as profit-takers reinvest BTC gains in cheap buys.

The only way the crypto world will expand is via that connection to traditional finance. Cryptocurrency traders are presently locked into the existing ecosystem that that they cannot leave. They’re forced to only keep funds in crypto or USDT Tethers. The closest model of movement out to real world finance is Veritaseum’s P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges.

This is all about to change with the upcoming Ankorus ICO in November 2017. The Anchor Token system will be an alternative investment ecosystem that tokenizes and makes available any financial instrument, including stocks, bonds, futures, options, gold, silver, commodities, REITs, ETFs and sovereign debt. This will allow cryptoholders to truly diversify their portfolios across multiple asset classes and buy real world financial assets in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Anchor Tokens will allow cryptocurrency traders an opportunity to move some of their wealth into financial assets, or vice-versa, seamlessly. The rapid growth in cryptocurrency in the last year has been accompanied by volatility and bottlenecks in infrastructure, with your only option to ride out the huge market swings in USDT. What if, instead, you could use one of 60 cryptocurrencies, to purchase Anchor Tokens, choosing exactly the financial assets you wish to purchase — perhaps something very stable, eg. Nvidia shares — then ride out the volatility and re-enter your position in the crypto market, all utilizing Anchor Tokens.

With the Ankorus platform, there’s auditing, oversight and safeguards through their registered broker-dealer, offering credibility among market-makers, professional traders and institutional investors. Combine this with blockchain technology’s extreme transparency and suddenly you open the floodgates for the broadest groups of users — which is exactly what the ecosystem needs: new capital inflows.

Ankorus is a cross between Coinbase, E-Trade and Tether, all rolled into one.

The Ankorus TGE runs from November 25th to December 25th. There will be no pre-sale, to ensure openness and transparency for all looking to participant. Download the whitepaper.

David DuByne produces the ADAPT 2030 series on YouTube covering agriculture production losses due to the Grand Solar Minimum intensification which he argues will lead to seemingly inexorable food price rises, smothering the disposable income economy, and to global adoption of smart contracts for bulk agricultural deliveries circa 2020. He is also an adviser for the Ankorus ICO.

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