What Makes Ankorus Different From Other Asset-Tokenising Startups?

And Other Key Questions Answered

CEO John Cruz discusses with Ankorus advisor David Dubyne the Anchor Token system of tokenising assets.

David DuByne: Talk about the utility use of Anchor Tokens. You said that I would need to choose the asset I wish to purchase, so what does that mean and which assets can I choose?

John Cruz: You can buy any financial asset that is traded on an exchange. That would include stocks, bonds, futures, options, gold, silver, commodities, REITs, ETFs and also through us, as a broker-dealer, purchase sovereign debt, T-Bills, Treasury Notes, even in other countries or continents such as Europe or Australia. Anything that is exchange-traded and anywhere there is a tradeable market, we as broker-dealers can fill that order.

David DuByne: What makes Ankorus different from other ICOs that are digitising and tokenising real estate, water rights, tea, liquor, gold, art, these types of physical commodities and assets?

John Cruz: With all of these things they are tokenising, fraud is the biggest problem. How are they getting into the system, how are they being insured, how can they assure the art they purchase is real, or the gold bars aren’t tungsten-filled, the deed for the property who actually owns it?

What about insurance with a company standing behind the purchases, putting it on the blockchain, are they vetting to make sure there is no fraud? Who is verifying that what is being put on the blockchain is genuine and there is no duplication of assets?

Ankorus offers oversight and insurance of financial assets we purchase and put on the blockchain as broker-dealers.

David DuByne: You have a quote on twitter, “What Ripple is to currency, Ankorus will be to securities.”

John Cruz: Just like XRP moves cash — and that is their vehicle for transporting cash — the ANK token will be similar to Ripple. But we are moving financial instruments. That’s the vehicle to transport financial instruments from one point to another: the ANK token.

David DuByne: So this is the last link in the chain between the cryptocurrency world and financially regulated world of stocks, bonds and treasuries; a better way to put it, “Where cryptocurrency meets real world assets”?

John Cruz: Correct. That is what we are trying to accomplish here with the Ankorus ICO.

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