Dumb Phones can be the new Hipster thing, and why you should consider buying one

The revamped Nokia 3310 unveiled in Barcelona

Yesterday in Barcelona, we witnessed time travel; for a few minutes it seemed liked we were back in 2000, with Motorola releasing new phones and everyone getting excited about a new Nokia phone. Sure it was a PR stunt from Nokia to bring back nostalgia and rekindle the passion in its loyal customer base, but the diminutive screen and the sturdy finish reminded us of the simpler times when design and battery were the most important part of the phone. Compare it to today’s bezel-less AMOLED displays and it feels like the ugly duckling in a bevy of swans, but we all know it is far from it. Feature phones were always important, and now more than ever, they will be back in fashion soon, here’s why:

Smartphones these days are becoming more and more complicated, people use it all the time, and it is not just a telephone device anymore, and although the manufacturers have done a commendable job by cramping so many features and still managing to keep their devices as thin as 7.5 mm, there are some things which can be quite irritating; now as soon as we buy a new smartphone we run to the accessories store trying to figure out the difference between a micro and a nano SIM, to add a tempered glass on top of our screen, buy a back cover, a set of earphones, a power bank, a power power bank to charge the first power bank, a car charger, a bluetooth earpiece, a SIM ejecting toolkit, and the list goes on and on.. Phew!How did it become so complicated all of a sudden? We own our phones but in the end our phone start to own us. Perhaps now is the time to remove your micro/nano/pico/femto SIM card and put it where it belongs: under a bulky “removable battery” of a cheap looking feature phone. The advantages of a feature phone over a smartphone is that you can charge it once and forget about it, you do not have to carry 132 accessories to get the best out of it, you can talk for hours without any notifications disturbing you in between, you can lose it in the subway and not feel guilty about it, and most importantly you can use it to save your life from an advancing bear coming to attack you. I have been using a Motorola flip phone as my primary device since a year now and one of the things I noticed is that it also helps you with your smartphone addiction, with a feature phone you can no longer say “Oh how can I switch off my phone! I get important calls all the time”. So if you’re looking for a digital detox, this is the way to start. Not only that, having two phones will boost your smartphone’s battery life significantly, and here’s my favourite part, it is great when you are travelling. Your mom will no longer worry as your phone will always be ‘on’, and you won’t have to carry a power power bank with you either!

Another major reason why this could be a success is because almost all the smartphones these days look exactly the same, it’s not their fault to be fair, but back in the feature phone day, brands came up with quite innovative designs to lure the consumers as that was the only thing that they could do; some of those designs were downright gorgeous like the Moto RAZR series and some gut-wrenchingly horrible like the Nokia N-Gage. The users felt like a part of an exclusive club.

So if these phones become popular amongst the Instagram generation, it could well become the next hipster thing like Snap Inc.’s retro looking ‘Spectacles’.

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