I Hear You Baby (Poem)

(This is a piece I wrote for a project by the incredible photographer Eric Marillier for Nick Knight’s magazine ‘Master’.)

This is a man’s world. Women, take the stand. How do you plead?

Each of us on this planet all take a certain form, 
Yet this Western society teaches us to conform. 
Streets and venues have their policies, don’t stick to them it’s ‘controversy.’

There’s teasers to sex. Lips and hips. Yet there’s campaigns in place, ‘Free The Nips.’ 
Completely free our bodies, it’s met with animosity. Sex sells but don’t sell it. It’s illegal. Hypocrisy. 
Yet they’re here serving a need, a purpose to feed. 
Objectifying the object. To that I object.
Society’s built to make these objects feel guilt, yet they also light a flame. Sparks desire and shame. Circumstantial evidence is to be put in place. Only when they suit can they be presented to your face.

There’s natural human reactions. Tingling from the nerves. Aesthetically pleasing. Teasing. You’re reacting to curves. 
Everyone feels it. Passion. Deep down inside. 
There’s a connection between people. Time for a ride. 
It’s not a matter of preference or orientation,
Yet accepting ’taboo’ feels like we’re out on probation.

Why are we restricted to what’s ok and what’s not.
It’s a feeling inside that defines you, what makes you hot.
Legality. Humanity. Don’t put me down. Defamotory. 
Are some of us on trial? Or are the rest in denial?

We must cover certain parts, kept for people close to our hearts. It’s irrational if it’s fashionable. This prudishness, depart.
We’re taking a step back. Undeniable. 
Sue the ones who break out. Liable.

Let society make a pact, come out of the corner in which we are backed. 
Acceptable shouldn’t be condemnable. 
Allow Freedom of Information. Act!

It becomes too emotional, this media classed as ‘social.’
Yet we are all aware of what we choose to share.
You need to show nudity? Partial.
Seeing what we catch out there in the net. Being proud of what we have, no regrets. 
Something so natural shocks society. Gets everyone talking, notoriety.

Society judges what’s explicit. Don’t be too rough. 
Sex is on trial here. Take the stand. Handcuffed. 
The basic rules to abide by are self-control. Some need to learn the lessons. It’s a school. Enroll.

It’s our honour. Your honour.