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Where Do You Go To Get Your Answers?

My mind is a noisy place, where my worries and doubts compete for my attention like auctioneers.

But I have an unfair advantage.

Where the noise stops.

An old soft chair.

When I curl up in it for ten minutes in peace, the static in my mind disappears, and I feel better.

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” — Plutarch

I inhale, aware that the air flowing through my body is shared with everyone on earth. Exhaling, my muscles relax — shoulders, spine, knees and toes feel softer. I detox from negative thoughts.

My inner voice softly speaks to me, telling me I have control over myself, and I can choose to be happy no matter what my circumstances are.

“Wisdom doesn’t come from speaking…It comes from listening.” Tao Te Ching

I hear that I have infinite worth.

I melt into the soft chair, like a glowing candle of pure radiant loving light. I am free from distractions, and free from fear. I am a success.

I am newborn with source energy, and am strong enough to take on anything.

I am no better or less than anyone. We are all divine love.

I feel thankful for everyone on my journey, and love for myself.

Sitting in the chair clarifies my priorities in life.

Suddenly I know what to do, confident that my actions when I leave the chair will be right, and will come from a place of love.

Whenever I begin to feel disconnected, my chair draws me back so I can replace my racing thoughts with simplicity, patience and compassion.

Refreshing my mind and body helps me return to bliss.

I love who I am becoming with the wisdom in my soft chair.

Where Do You Go To Get Your Answers?

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