President Trump’s unwillingness to to keep the agency staffed is indicative of his administration’s disdain for election laws

I resigned from the Federal Election Commission in March 2017. President Trump left my seat, meant to be filled by a Democrat, vacant.

The same thing happened after a Republican member resigned in 2018. No one replaced him.

Now a third member has stepped down: After 11 years on the…

Farewell Remarks to the Staff of the Federal Election Commission, Delivered on February 23, 2017

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I don’t want to say a lot. Instead, as Tuesday is my last day, I would love to speak personally to each and every one of you about how much you’ve done for this agency, how much you do every single day, and how much I…

Because the work of the Federal Election Commission is so important to the American public, and in the interest of transparency, I wanted to share my letter of resignation to the President of the United States.

UPDATE (Sept. 16, 2016): More than 2,000 individuals submitted comments expressing their serious concerns about foreign spending to influence our elections. Although a majority of the Commission could not agree to move forward on this proposal, please know that your voice was heard, and that it mattered. All of my…

Ann Ravel

Federal Election Commissioner (FEC) | Former! Chair | Passionate about importance of civic engagement | Running for State Senate in CA (SD15):

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