A poem about G.A.D.

anxiety fear
anxiety fear
Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash

My fear named Boris. He lives in my head.
I place it in the people that I recently met.
I place it in the people that I even don’t know
I place it in the things I`ll explain it below.

My mama and grandma were the rough people type.
A normal Russian family that fits your stereotype.
My life was not made from the petals of roses.
We did not talk much, but they gave me neurosis!

So back to The Boris, that lives in my head.
I should be in therapy I`m here instead. …

A poem about that you can leave but can you though?

divorce love
divorce love
Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

I can finally leave this planet of yours
All is finally finished the way I supposed.
I will finally leave all this nonsense behind
It can burn, it can burst, and I don’t mind.

I can finally leave this planet of yours
Love is gone, and we finally got a divorce.
And my things can be sold or just thrown away.
No need to be threatened by what people say.

I can finally leave this planet of yours
Will it cease the black hole of my sorrow source?
Can I quit it without changing my core? …

A poem about social security quality coffee, and life dilemma.

corporate work poem
corporate work poem
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

God bless you with a boring corporate job, my son!
Social security, health insurance, a stable income.
Quality coffee lunches at noon, and sometimes pizza day.
So boring! So corporate! So what do you say?

God bless you, my son with a boring corporate job!
You don’t need to act like those enterprise snobs.
Just don’t be timid, be rather reserved and polite.
So boring! So corporate! It’s not designed to excite!

What kind of blessing is it? It’s rather a curse!
I see your point, my son, but it can be much worse!
Don’t bite the hand that gives metaphysical bread.
Imagine! …


Anna L. Shtorm

My poetry is digital sorrow wrapped in overdressed rhymes. | Friends over Lovers is my debut poetry book available on → https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F7P2H61

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