Voyage D’espoir — A Journey of Hope

RIPE Concert 2017

The first time this title came to mind, I liked it simply because it was general yet specific enough to create a fun story from. After all, so much gives us hope in life. Overcoming an obstacle, having familiar people by our sides, achieving satisfactory results on something we worked hard for…and the list goes on and on. The fact that the D’espoir part of the name was pronounced just like ‘Despair’ despite meaning hope just made me love the word play even more. What I didn’t realise then however, was how divinely inspired this name was. This recently concluded (last night in fact) concert was truly a journey of hope for all of us, especially since just a week ago we were in the throes of despair after a disastrous full dress rehearsal. The worst part, I knew that I had neglected the Lord during this entire concert preparation; not trusting and relying on Him but rather on my own efforts. Perhaps this was His way of reminding me (and a few others in the CCA) that everything is possible through Him, and conversely that nothing will work without His help, no matter how much we practice or plan. The success of the concert and the miraculous way we managed to not overrun despite constantly overrunning by about half an hour each rehearsal further showed His mighty work and power.

In retrospect, it actually seems that my entire journey in RIPE could be summarised by this title. I’ve never been the best at playing the piano and I seriously just scrapped through my final piano exams. I also nearly didn’t get into this CCA but by the grace of God I ended up here and eventually in an EXCO position. It was a difficult ride throughout, not just because of my lacking skills but also because of the amount of time it took for our cca to get friendly and closer to each other. It was lonely and awkward at the start, but the various projects we carried out as a batch brought us closer and enabled us to mature together. There are now some people in the batch who I can’t imagine not relying on in the future and I’ll really really miss the good times we had together. I’m just glad that the Lord’s hand was over this entire concert and my entire CCA journey. Thank you Lord for restoring my hope in You that should never have disappeared in the first place.

Last night was probably the last time I’ll ever get to perform in front of a crowd, especially while playing the piano, and it was a really special time for me. What this journey of hope has taught me will stay in my memories forever, and here’s to the rest of the journey of hope in the Lord!

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