Whether you’re just meeting or have lived next door for years

A woman holding a bouquet and a wine bottle in their neighbor’s doorway.
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Even if you don’t see yourself as a journaler, the habit comes with powerful benefits

An illustration of a messy desk with an empty lined journal.
Illustration: Kyle Griggs

Eight people who took the plunge share the biggest challenges and surprises of starting over

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Going out with other couples can strengthen your relationship. Here’s how to make sure it does.

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Tips for getting the urge to buy under control

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Advice from 10 people on stepping into a brand-new leadership role

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Navigating the fine line between blowing off steam and stressing out everyone around you

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Advice from 10 professionals on what they wish they’d known about going back to an office

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Whether your goal is to reconcile, maintain permanent distance, or something in the middle

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Go from heartbroken to high-fiving in no time

Anna Goldfarb

Writes about relationships and pop psychology for The New York Times, Vice, and more. Author of “Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through.” Lives in Philly.

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