A Gal’s Guide to Dressing for Vintage Shopping/Sales — What to Wear


Putting on clothes is annoying. I try and only do it once a day and get it over with as soon as possible. For as much as I love scanning bursting clothing racks for colours and patterns that make my pupils dilate (and wearing the clothes); I hate the process of pulling off my coat, kicking off my shoes, removing my pants, taking off my jumper, taking off my top, unhooking the dress/shirt/skirt from the coat hanger, getting a leg/arm/boob/head stuck mid-way, and then having to rinse and repeat.

Me in a changeroom

I’m still going to shop tho.

These are the articles of clothing I’m wearing today in preparation for regular semi-nudity in a public space.

Good undies and bra

There’s no point in trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but no one’s getting a pube-slip from me ‘cos the elastic on my undies is sketchy.

Hot tip: Don’t forget to wear undies

2. Black leggings

Skirts are also good substitute, but it’s winter rn and I need my legs covered. Leggings fly on and off unlike skinny jeans which you have to repeatedly wrestle over your ankles. Dresses aren’t ideal, because you want to be able to try on tops without getting a stand-in pair of pants off the rack (Best case: you’ll end up buying them too because they surprisingly make your butt look great and spend more money than intended. Worst case: because you don’t care what they look like, you’ll feel frumpy and not get a proper gauge on what’s happening upstairs.) Also, you can easily try skirts over the top of leggings.

You can’t be doing this every five mins

3. A white/black t-shirt

Similar reason as the leggings. Button-ups are a major pain unless they’re a loose fitting shirt you can just pull on and off over your head. A plain shade will go with whatever you’re trying on.

Velcro is also a viable alternative

4. Shoes with a heel

It depends what you’re trying on. A little heel has a bit more outfit versatility. For example, a heel might be closer to what you’d wear with a dress or a skirt (though I am a fan of sneakers with them, too). I’m also wearing ankle socks, because they’re less obvious when you look in the mirror than normal socks.

5. No make-up or fancy hair

Make-up will either come off on the clothes you’re trying on, or you’ll find yourself doing the awkward head-and-hand manoeuvre to avoid fabric rubbing against your face. By fancy hair, I’m talking bouffants or anything that might get smooshed or get in the way. I like to wear my hair out.

This would just save so much time

6. One big coat

If it’s cold outside, I put on one big coat that I can slide on and off easily and dump in the corner. Jumpers, sweaters, scarves and gloves aren’t necessary with the right coat — they’ll just hold you back.

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