Do you dare?

I have an ambitious dream, or atleast it is ambitious for me. I am dreaming of reaching a fullfilling life, where I am in harmony with my personal life and as an entrepreneur. I am determided to raise my kids at home until school and succeed as an entrepreneur. I want to be there, I want to see them grow but I do not want to get lost in motherhood just to wake up someday and notice I am all alone, kids all grown up and my own life, well how could I have one if all I do is live for my kids?

Being a mom and balancing with career is not an easy task, so I want to show the world there are other options, your own way of doing things. I believe in Steve Jobs words about world being bendable. And if I could inspire even one wo/man to believe in her capability of choosing the tingling feeling behind fear, “Maybe I can do this?”, hopefully she would inspire another one and the snowball effect would start rolling… You never know until you try, right?

I have already started my journey, walked my path for 6 years now, and as I look back, I am happy to notice how far I have come, that single determinded decision that came behind fear and hesitation. I can do it! Eventhough there is still all the rest of my life left and I feel my journey is only started I am proud of me. But, who knows for how long I have left? For that reason, little by little I have understood the importance of gratitude, the importance of living in the moment. How hard it can be for a human being to remember the importance of so simple things? I need to remind myself daily, be grateful for all you have and love yourself do not dim your own light.

My message for you is, ask yourself, why would you not try doing things in your way? Why would you not just take one step toward your dream? Remember that the whole point of life is that life is for you. All there is, for you. Join me, dare and start your own journey towards your dreams.

Peace, love and gratitude Anna

Ps. I invite you to watch this talk by Vishen Lakhiani, it will open your mind.

How to Defy Convention and Become Truly Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani
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