Until when -procrastination is killing your future

Today I was rudely awakened from my perpetual procrastination on a project. I have had every kind of excuse not to finish. It is not even as if I cannot finish the project it is the story around finishing the project that I told myself. We can sometimes be so emotionally invested in destructive behaviour because well this and that happened to me and well I have the right to feel so. You know what you have the right to feel your emotions but you do not have the right to destroy yourself in the process.

How to shake out of procrastination ? ( imagine yourself mentally shaking that should make you smile a little)

(1) What is the consequence if you do not finish the project, thing or whatever it is?

Once the realisation hit me of the major investment that I had made financially into this project and the consequence of me not finishing it would be a loss financially. I just could not stomach that at all. The feeling of defeatism that I had and the feeling that I am willing to loose out on so much just did not add up to who I was so seriously I realised I had to change the narrative that I was telling myself. This story could not end like this. Will yours do not give up.

(2) What is the narrative or your story on why you cannot finish your thing?

I had a story on the project that I told myself a story of how I just am not able to finish this. I had the usual excuses, I was tired after work, I just cannot do this it is way too much . What are the stories that you have been telling yourself similar to mine well you know what if you have not been doing anything then this is just another excuse. Believe me my excuses go much deeper than those mentioned above the rest are just the unmentionables. The most awful story we tell ourself is that we probably feel like we cannot finish and wont finish and should give up. But why should you your dreams and ideas mean something. Or do they not?

3 Chunky sizes of work

When you look at the project it all feels so overwhelming. Well I thought about other parts of that project that I did finish and well it was really not in one go as I have attempted to do with this. I had to remember that everything needs to be eaten in small bite sizes and that trying to eat the whole cake was greedy. So small specified chunky bits it is.

4.Delay instant gratification

When you procrastinate you normally choose to do something else, something that feels like a reward and not work. It can be binge watching a Netflix series, it can be going out with friends because it is friday night, going clubbing, eating pizza. We all have our vices and they do not necessary include alcohol and smoking something or inhaling something. It can be something that brings you gratification instead of doing the hard stuff. Remember doing the hard stuff got you where you are, if you only want to do things of leisure you will feel stuck and you will not grow. I know it is boring but unfortunately that is life. We grow from the uncomfortable, we grow from loss, we grow from pain, we do not grow from the comfortable embrace what you need to do.

5. You can do this — believe in yourself

Remember you are powerful beyond your current circumstances, beyond the story that you have told yourself of why you cannot. If you do not believe this, think of a time when you did something that you thought you could not do and take comfort in knowing you are a survivor. You can do this. You were made for success now please get going on whatever you have been procrastinating on. Good luck.