Lets make a new TOP!

It’s not just lonely at the top it can be dehumanizing, anxiety provoking, depressing, desolate, dangerous.


No matter how you’ve got to the top, why you wanted to be at the top, how you resided at the top, it’s not always ‘what it’s cracked up to be’

You see we are told it’s lonely at the top, but are we ever told it could be a myriad of other things too? First of all what actually is the ‘top?’ Is it that there is no further to go in the hierarchy? Is it that you have reached your financial goal? Is it that you’ve become as well known as you’ve always wanted?

5 Ways to forge a new top:

1) Decide to do differently. Don’t be a sheep, sheep burnout. Allow some ease, and connection into your day.

2) SWITCH OFF TIME. Don’t always be available. Create quiet, device empty time. Even if it’s simply 30 minutes a day. Time to relate to yourself will sustain you through the rigors of work.

3) SELF CARE IS THE NEW BLACK. Be responsible. Tell people you are looking after yourself. Show them that you are looking after yourself. Eat, drink, take breaks, laugh, be quiet. There’s nothing inspirational about a leader that burns themselves out unless they learn from it quickly and do differently asap.

4) INJECT FUN. On purpose make it FABULOUS at the TOP. Make it fun, INSPIRATIONAL, easy, JOYFUL, world ENHANCING

5) KNOW THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Family will always be first, but let the ‘priority pendulum’ swing so you can be flexible with demands either way. Allow yourself to create your own balance, and allow yourself to adjust hour to hour and day to day.

2017 is definitely the year to do this as 17 means responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, and wisdom, a desire for peace and love for all of humanity.

Look after yourselves and GOOD LUCK x