Information About Secondary Air Injection System Repair

Any engine that has a combustion process that is involved in its functioning needs to have a fuel pump. For those engines that utilize gravity to conduct fuel from the tank to the engine do not need a fuel pump. The other component which is important in the operation of any engine is an air injection system. The secondary air injection system assists in minimizing emissions that come from the exhaust. This air system forces fresh air into the exhaust so that it can accelerate catalyst operation. There are different aspects that this system has.

Air pump, air vacuum control solenoid, air shut-off valves, check valve and plumbing are some of the features that an air system has. There are instances when there is a malfunction with the secondary air injection system. This usually means that there is a problem with emission system of the car and that can either be caused by mechanical failure or electrical failure. When there is a problem with emissions system, it is usually caused by air pressure escaping outside in case the air pipes that lead to the combustion valve is lodged or damaged. In colder seasons when there is high humidity, water can be excess and may fill the air pump and end up freezing there. As such, the pump will not rotate, and that may cause an overload on the circuit.

There are symptoms that will help you to know if your air system is malfunctioning. On the dashboard, you need to check if the engine light is on and see if the engine falters when you accelerate. You will also realize that there is some noise that is coming from the pump because of the air that is logged. Before you begin the diagnosis, make sure that the engine is not warm. You need to hear the secondary air injection start after a few seconds. When the air pump kicks in, the oxygen sensors should also detect.

In case you do not hear the air pump motor begin, you need to evaluate the secondary air injection system repair pump and relay. Check the element that controls the air delivery if you hear the engine pump motor start. These elements include a check valve, passages, metal piping and check valve solenoid. It is crucial that you get a mechanic who knows how to fix such problems. A good mechanic will advise you not to buy another air pump but to solve the problem simply.

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