7 Ways to Infuse Magic into Your Business Getting Inspired by Unicorns.

We all love them. Children smile seeing unicorn toys, they love playing with them, watching them and talking to these magical creatures. Teens wear unicorn tee shirts adorned with rainbows and glitter, angel investors talk about unicorn companies. The unicorn has always been a treasured symbol of beauty and dreams. We’re attracted to them because they take us away from reality, they shine, they come from fairy tales, they’re rare, mysterious and kind. Here’s how to infuse some magic and adapt some precious unicorn habits in your company:

  • Show up and leave us longing for more — put us on waiting lists.
  • Offer beautifully finished products to the select few.
  • Spread good vibes and intentions.
  • Offer products in beautiful sets making us feel complete — think of a unicorn, he doesn’t come alone, there’s rainbow and glitter.
  • Be coy, kind and gentle — let us search for you and your products, let us have you on our minds.
  • Be one of a kind.
  • Create positive associations.


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