Hi Anna. Well done on maintaining your momentum to post every day.
Cali Bird

Hi Cali, I have to admit my lifestyle has been pretty unsustainable since my book sold and I started working on my manuscript.

I’m a jewelry designer and have 2 income producing properties. I’m a career coach as well so all these streams of income come from remote work which I’ve been “squeezing” in between my 8 hour days doing research and writing my book.

I think of a title for my Medium article in the morning. That’s when I read all the comments, read other blogs etc.

So I’d say

9–10 Medium reading, thinking of a title, maybe writing 1 sentence of my post

10–6 book writing and research, breaks for jewelry orders, coaching clients

6–9 dinner, relaxation

9–12 Medium article writing

As I said this is a rigorous schedule, which will change once I submit my manuscript in a few weeks.